For your business to successfully capitalize on every opportunity, you need personalized, accurate insight into your practice’s financial data. Jacobson Brotman PC offers accounting services to help you reach your goals. Your business will be in good hands with our team’s accurate record keeping and financial reporting. We also provide our expertise on accounting system setups, tax planning, investments, cost-containment, employee benefits, profit-sharing plans, and more.

Our accounting services include:

  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Bookkeeping (Monthly, quarterly, or annually)
  • Setup and support for accounting systems
  • Payroll processing
  • Cash flow forecasting and budgeting
  • Personal financial statement assistance
  • Employee benefit and profit-sharing plans
  • Corporate tax planning
  • Corporate tax return preparation


Your company is important to us. We succeed when you succeed. We provide you with guidance and a fresh perspective on business management and financial planning. Our team of experts is experienced in identifying areas of negative profitability and growth and offering effective solutions. We also are pleased to provide comprehensive, flexible solutions that target the core issues impacting your business.

Our consulting services include:

  • Entity selection
  • Accounting software selection
  • Accounting software implementation
  • Support with buying or selling a business
  • Computer systems support
  • Financial and retirement planning
  • Estate, trust, and gift planning


Our team takes a proactive approach to tax services. We stay up to date on the latest tax laws and legislation, allowing us to find key opportunities for your business. We can help you minimize your current and future tax liabilities. At Jacobson Brotman PC, you receive the benefit of our extensive taxation knowledge and expertise.

Our tax management services include:

  • Tax planning & return preparation for individuals, corporations, partnerships, LLCs/LLPs, estates, and trusts
  • Taxing authority representation
  • Divorce and support issues
  • Tax impacts of buying/selling a business

Other Services


Your business depends on accurate, up-to-date records to make decisions and financial plans. Our team can help you maintain the day-to-day aspects of bookkeeping, allowing you more time to focus on your business.


With excellent cash flow management, you can improve liquidity, lower costs, and boost profits. At Jacobson Brotman PC, we have strategies to achieve and maintain optimal cash flow. Our team tracks the sources and uses of your company’s cash, provides forecasting estimations, and offers budgeting advice. To thrive, your business depends on a strategic approach to managing cash flow. Our team is here to help you analyze your business spending and budgeting tactics. We ensure your company remains forward-looking and poised for success.


Compilations are different from reviews and audits because they utilize client information provided and used primarily for internal use. We use compilations as an opportunity to offer constructive, proven solutions and strategies to help your company maintain profitability and efficiency.


Planning for the future can be difficult. However, having a financial plan in place is a beneficial strategy for any business. At Jacobson Brotman PC, our team has extensive knowledge and experience in creating financial projections and forecasts. Keeping current with market trends is a way of life for our team. We keep your business informed so you can be prepared for what lies ahead. Our services are tailored to your company’s needs and range from top-level reports to detailed financial models.


By planning ahead for estates and trusts, you can ensure financial stability and security for your loved ones. In business, planning and preparation can ensure a smooth transition and succession of ownership. At Jacobson Brotman PC, our mission is to help you understand and navigate the complicated and ever-changing tax laws that dictate the transfer of assets and minimize the tax liability to your beneficiaries. It is imperative that you have a carefully planned method for distributing your assets. Our team is here to make the planning process simple.


During an audit, professional representation is paramount. Our team has experience working with tax authorities which enables us to assist you when dealing with federal and state agencies. Having professional representation can ease many of your worries during an audit. Our team is prepared to answer your questions and help you understand the needs of the IRS.


Tax planning is a crucial step in the tax preparation process. We utilize our experience with tax planning strategies and tax law changes help your business minimize your current and future tax liabilities.


Running a successful business requires an effective combination of tax planning and preparation. The Jacobson Brotman PC team is ready to help whether you are an individual or a multi-leveled partnership. We have proven strategies and solutions to help you take advantage of the latest tax laws and legislation.


We have invested countless hours and capital in our computerized tax preparation and research software. This allows us to accurately and efficiently prepare returns for a wide-range of entities. We leverage our technology to help individuals, corporations, partnerships, trusts, and estates.